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ToothHere at MC Family Dental our goal is to make dental care easy, affordable, and gentle as possible. Your safety, comfort and health are our first priority. We take great pride in providing the highest quality of dentistry in a professional environment using modern equipments and techniques. As a team, we believe in doing our best to deliver painless and gentle care to our patients. We take the time to listen to each and every one of our patients needs making it our objective to create a long term patient relationship.

Dr. Mark Chang, graduated from UCLA Dental School, has been in practice for 18 years in Los Angeles and orange county. With a experience and knowledge of the cosmetic dentistry including dental implants, porcelain, veneers, invisalign, and the latest tooth whitening treatment, he can give you the new smiles on you and your family at the affordable price. And he is also an excellent general dentist who offers everything from regular checkups to full mouth reconstruction.

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